Hello, and welcome to my first post on my official blog. I've never run a blog myself before so this is going to be fun. A little bit about me, I'm a YA (young adult) writer working on my first novel. I've been writing since I was in the 4th grade when we had to rewrite a classic fairytale. (I choose the fox and the grapes and rewrote it as the duck and the pizza, creative hu?) My hope is to inspire people to trust in God even through our darkest times. I have been married to a redheaded man for thirteen years now, we were high school sweethearts. We have three beautiful redheaded daughters and right now we are hosting an exchange student from Argentina - Juanma. So enough about me! What about you? I want this blog to be somewhere you are inspired, somewhere you can learn, and laugh. What do you look for in a blog post? Do you want tips on writing, devotionals, stories about my kids, or all of the above. I'm sure this blog and this page will evolve over time so lets have fun with it. Let me hear from you.

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