A Sincere Friend

Have you ever had a friend tell you something you didn't want to hear, but needed to. Whatever it was might have hurt you in the moment, but after you thought about it, you realized they were right. Proverbs 27:6 tells us "Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy." Having a friend that can be totally honest with you is invaluable. After all, if your friend saw you walking towards a cliff that you didn't notice, wouldn't you want them to stop you? Even if you thought you were on the right path? Just as your friend might have been able to see the cliff, his or her third party perspective may be clearer than your's in a difficult situation, a decision you need to make, about one of your relationships, or any number of circumstances in your life. An enemy will tell you that if you are determined to walk off the cliff, well, they won't judge and maybe they will even support you as fall to your death. A true friend will attempt to stop you from doing something harmful to yourself. If one of your friends tells you something that is difficult for you to hear be grateful that they love you enough to be honest and to pull you back. If you find yourself as the friend that sees the cliff, don't be afraid to be honest and warn your friend about it. While they may get angry you stopped their forward momtemum have faith that eventually they will thank you for saving them.

Do you have a friend you can be totally sincere with and who can be that way with you?

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