How To Give An Interview About Your Book

So, you’ve signed on the dotted line of your book contract; now you can sit back and relax right? Wrong. Now is the time to start making good on all of the marketing strategies you included in your proposal. Doing interviews is a great way to get people talking about your book. That way, when it hits the shelves, they will run to the stores to buy it.

Where to look for interviews:

While the chances you will end up on Oprah are slim, there are plenty of other opportunities to find interviews. Call your local paper, your local radio stations, and the local news. Any of them would be happy to do a story on a local author that has been published. Look for blogs that interview new authors or even another author might be willing to interview you on their website. Interview yourself and put it on your own website. People are curious about you and about your story and they will read most info you put out there.

How to prepare:

Now that you have landed an interview, there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Create a list of questions: While it is true most of the people conducting the interview will provide the questions and guide the interview, it doesn’t hurt for you to help them be as prepared as possible. You don’t have to outline the entire interview, just send them a list of a few key points you want to cover or a few questions for them to ask you.

Ask to see a list of questions from the person interviewing you: This is especially important if you are doing a live interview. You don’t want to be floundering for answers on TV or the radio. If you have a list of questions you can be well prepared to answer them and can be comfortable during the interview.

Know your story: Okay, I know you’re thinking “I wrote my story, of course I know it.” You are going to need to be able to explain your general plot and why people will want to read your book in a few sentences. Now is the time to pull out and polish that elevator pitch you tucked away before your manuscript got accepted. You may go off script as the interview develops and you never want to offer conflicting answers.

Know your story: I’m not being repetitive here. In addition to knowing the story that is in your book, you should know the story behind your book. Why did you write it, how did you come up with the idea, is any of it part of your personal story? A good story will have a good backstory to it. You need to be able to answer questions about yourself and about how your book came to be.

Now go tell the world about your book.

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