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The other day I was watching Moana (for the 87th time) with my four year old. For those of you who don't know the story, the ocean chooses Moana to go on a journey to find Maui and help him return the heart of Tefiti. Throughout her life, Moana is drawn to the ocean and to the path she ultimately chooses, despite her parents opposition. Her father insists that she settles down and become chief of her island, but Moana knows she is destined for something else. With the encouragement of her grandmother, she ventures out into the unknown to fulfill the path the ocean had laid out for her. She runs into trouble and doubt along the way, but she eventually completes her mission. As I watched I realized that, just as Moana was chosen by the sea for her task, we are chosen by God. The ocean sets Moana on her path when she is a toddler and for reasons she can’t explain, as she grows up, she is drawn to the ocean. Like Moana, God sets us on our path before we are born, and lovingly gives us a longing to follow Him as we grow. Moana had an entire village of people, including her parents telling her that she should not follow the path the ocean had provided, just as we have the world and society telling us that we are going to fail on the path that God has provided us. Hopefully, like Moana, we each have at least one person that believes in us, strengthens us, and encourages us along God’s path. We all face difficulties and doubt as we follow our path. Will we really succeed? Is this actually what we are supposed to be doing in the first place? Did God choose poorly when He placed us on this particular path? No. Just as the ocean choose wisely when it choose Moana, God knows what He is doing and has chosen the perfect path for us. No matter the struggles, do your best to set aside your fears and follow the path that God has provided. Just like Moana.

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