Who are you?

In our culture, there are many people and entities that try to define us. Unfortunately, most of these people, articles, advertisements, tv shows, etc. tell us that we aren't good enough. We are either too fat or too thin, too ugly or too fake, or too damaged to be of any good to anyone. Most everyone has struggled with who society tells them they are versus who they are deep down inside. No child is born believing themselves ugly, dumb, stupid, or worthless. These things are ingrained in us until we start to believe them and every decision, relationship, what you go after or what you don't go after is all filtered through who you believe yourself to be. Proverbs 23:7 tells us, "As a man thinks in his heart that is what he is." In other words, what we believe ourselves to be is what we let our identity become.

What is NOT your identity? When the world tells us who we are, the world lies to us. The worst thing you have done is not your true identity, neither is your cravings, what your parents, friends, tv, or anyone else says about you. If you let things like people's opinions, money, fame, things you have or haven't done define who you are you will end up living an unbalanced life. You always give up something when you presume something else. If you assume you are a bad friend because someone has told you you are, perhaps you'll give up having meaningful relationship with people. What is our identity? There is only one place we can find our true identity. That is the Word of God. We are all Children of God. We are worthy in His eyes. In fact John 3:16 tells us, "For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten Son." We are not only loved, we are forgiven, we are made clean, made new, and we are made whole through Him. The more we get into the word of Christ the more we begin to not only understand our true identity, but we begin to believe it. Are we sinners? Yes. Are we redeemed and forgiven? Yes! The Bible tells us that we are a new creation in Christ. That when we accept His love for us, our past is separated from us as far as the East is from the West. What is freedom? Once we can see ourselves as God sees us, van we only begin to truly see who we are. The world calls us ugly, dumb, fat, worthless and tons of other horrible things. God calls us redeemed, forgiven, loved, cherished, and free. What lies do you believe about who you are?

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