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A major part of accomplishing any goal is having support, not just from your friends and your family, but from like minded people; people who just get you, who can brainstorm with you, motivate you, push you, give you advice and celebrate when you accomplish something. So, how do you find your people?

Social Media

Social Media is probably the quickest and easiest way to find people working towards the same goals as you. Lots and lots of people. There are Facebook groups/pages out there on pretty much any subject imaginable from Blogging, to People Who Like The Cool Side Of The Pillow. (Yes, it's a real Facebook page). It is possible to find a great group of people that will encourage you, have meaningful conversations with you, and give good advice. The downside to Social Media is that its just as likely you'll meet a group of people that think they are better than you, only want to put you down, or actually have no experience and give bad advice. So, while Social Media is a great tool for finding people, I don't recommend it being the only one in your belt.

Now, if you have already found your people, Social Media is an amazing way of staying connected to them. You can message, share posts, tips, and ideas at the press of a button and the more you stay connected with like minded people, the more motivated you will feel.

Your Community

Look around in your local community for groups and classes that fit with what you are working towards. Your local community college may offer some programs, or your local township, borough, municipality, etc., may have programs. Your church may have a small group for people working towards the same goals as yourself. The biggest drawback to your trying to find a group close to you is that there may not be one. If that is the case, don't be afraid to start one! There are probably at least a few people that are within driving distance of you that could use the same support you need, while working towards the same types of goals.

Conferences and Seminars

I know going to your first conference or seminar for anything can be a scary situation. They are so big and there are so many people around, including people who have already achieved the goals you are looking to achieve. However, conferences and seminars are set up for people just like you, who are hoping to meet a goal. Most have classes for you to take that will teach you how to better get what you are aiming for and talking to the people that have already achieved those things will help you to see that you can do it too. You will also meet a bunch of people at the same place as yourself and you can join with them and support each other. I'm going to be talking more about conferences in an upcoming post, but for now, let me just say that even though conferences and seminars are expensive it is worth saving up the money and attending if you are serious about meeting your goals.

Do you have a group of like minded people that support you and help you meet your goals? How did you find them? Leave a comment and let us know!

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