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Heather Kreke is a young adult dystopian fiction author, Blog Manager for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and a Coordinator for the Blue Ridge Readers Connection. In her spare time, she teaches writing classes at her church, has written for numerous blogs, and has completed coursework through the former Christian Writers Guild. Married since 2004, Heather has three daughters and is passionate about showing teens and young adults they can find hope in God’s plan for their lives – even through the darkest times.


Storyteller at Heart

I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was in the 4th grade. I was always making up stories and talking to the characters in my head. However, when it came to actually sitting down and writing, I seriously doubted my abilities. But, through faith and the support of my friends and family I have found the strength to pursue my dreams. 

Never give up your dreams. God has a plan for your life and if you trust in Him and work hard He will guide you to more than you can ever imagine. I would love to be a help to you in that process, whether through prayer, someone to bounce ideas off of, or anything in-between. 

I know that life can get in the way of your dreams, (not to mention three kids) but keep fighting for them.

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