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In addition to the blogs below, Heather has been published on the former Christian Writer's Guild Blog, and in the 2014 Christian Writer's Market Guide. 

Path of Totality 


Jadzia Mills never wanted to become a killer, but when World War III comes to American soil, Jadzia is torn from her family. Forced to join the military, she fights alongside her best friend. When he is killed by a Zealot, Jadzia disappears to reunite with her mother and brother. Alone, she embarks on a perilous cross-country journey trying to stay ahead of those desperately trying to find her. Help comes in an unexpected way when she meets Ryker and his group of survivors. When Ryker insists upon helping her, Jadzia’s mixed feelings toward him only complicate her goals. Can they work together despite the odds between them when sacrifice seems the only way to survive?

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Room at the Table:
Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families 

Do you have a special needs child or know someone who is?

Room at the Table: Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families is rooted in the 2 Samuel 9 account of King David, who extended kindness to Jonathon's disabled son, Mephibosheth, and granted him a seat at the king's table. 

Those with special needs are compassionate individuals who love freely and desire love in return. There is no need to fear them or allow their disabilities to intimidate you. As people made in God's image, their wants and needs are the same as yours and mine.

We are all children of God with special needs. Only Jesus knows

the battles we have fought and won or lost, or the ones we are still fighting. When life or insensitive people hurt, wound, or leave us bitter, Jesus is the One who heals, loves, and restores us.

Room at the Table: Encouraging Stories from Special Needs Families will inspire and instill in you a greater desire to show the kindness of God to "one of the least of these." (Matthew 25:40 NIV). Whether you shed tears or laugh out loud, these stories will touch your heart.

Heather is one of many contributors to this book.

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Blue Ridge Mountains Christian

Writers Conference - Blog

The BRMCWC Blog is the go to place for writers to gain knowledge about their craft from industry experts. Heather has managed and contributed to the blog since January 2020.

Almost An Author

Almost An Author is another great site that helps authors grow in their careers. You can read Heather's guest post here.

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